ain't nothin like cultural marxism.

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these swedish elections..


anyone else following them?

Whoever wins, Swedes lose. Gotta love having the choice between a far left and a marxist government. 

feels bad man

(via european-traditionalist)

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ever see that movie iron man?they’re coming out with a’s called iron-knee, and dan savage has the lead role.
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We Do

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I wish that William Pierce were still alive. I feel that if he were, he’d be the most prominent figure in our struggle. His speeches and radio broadcasts were spoken well and written perfectly.If people want to hear his best speech ever. Watch this great awakening video!
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kittycatmeowhiss asked: I dont really agree with your beliefs but i respect them, hope you have a great day!


Thanks. I appreciate it a lot. You have a great day too!

this is pretty rare..

then again, i don’t go around telling people i disagree with politically to drown themselves in a toilet very often.

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Just remember kiddos.

If you’re Asian and only date other Asians.
You’re a proud Asian who wants to protect their culture, and that’s beautiful!

If you’re Black and only date other Blacks.
You’re a proud Black who wants to…

Fuck all of you, you ignorant shits. Do you not realize what the white race has done? Better yet, white MALE race? Fucking sit down.

We’ve done more than any other race, of course. 

better self-eradicate just because of the actions of our forefathers…….

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